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Life is full of Opportunities

It’s true! In our life many opportunities arrives and it different ways. We just have to grab the opportunity. People are always complaining that they didn’t do the work because they didn’t get the opportunity. But it’s not the problem. Opportunities comes in many ways but they fail to pick those opportunities and then they just sit and cry.

Do your work with concentration and dedication. When you complete one work probably you get another so you get many opportunities but you have to pick the right one and complete it. In life you may get many keys for the opportunities but the one who picks the right key will get the great opportunity.

There is a good saying related to opportunities as:

“We cannot wait for the opportunities to come in our life, but we have to create the opportunities”


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Yeah that’s a good saying and we should understand it. In life we don’t have to sit and wait for the opportunities to come instead we have to create our own opportunities. It’s not that you need to study for how to create opportunities but it is in front of you just you have to open your eyes and brain and take that opportunity.

Once a student completed his Engineering studies and started to search for a job. He passed with a good percentage i.e. 60% above. He started to search for the job but he didn’t get it. While searching for job one of those companies sent him a letter for job interview. He went for interview and aptitude test and passed it. The candidate asked him the question which everyone has i.e. for salary package. He got to know that the salary was not much what he deserved. So he quitted it.

So from this whole story you got to know that opportunities came to your door and you sent it back. You are a fresher’s and very first thing when you join a new company you don’t get what you want. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

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So don’t let the opportunities go from your hand. And work hard for it. Stay tuned for our next article and also read other articles in different section shown in the above menu. I would like to have your review on this article. Comment below.




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