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Impossible Teen Patti Hacks Revealed

The Teen Patti game is one of the most popular games played in India now a days. People are crazy about the game and play it for long hours. many people search for hacks to earn unlimited chips or billion chips. Because of that many people have kept fake information about it to fool people and get traffic. Many people also made videos and uploaded them to YouTube

Mostly on internet three popular fake ways to Hack Teen Patti are available. I am elaborating all three

1. Using GameKiller Hack Octro Teen Patti (Totally SCAM) :

  • GameKiller is an Android app for hacking coins, chips, money and much more of an android game BUT it only works for OFFLINE games.
  • Fake videos and blogs are making people fools by saying they hacked Teen Patti using GameKiller 😛
  • GameKiller required root access so you have to root your device and rooting will void your device’s warranty and After using game killer nothing will happen because Teen Patti is an Online game.
  • So i recommend you to don’t root your Smartphone for hacking Octro teen patti because it will not work.

2. Teen Patti Hack Tools :

  • Many guys are saying they have developed and tool for hacking Teen Patti and by using it you can get unlimited chips !
  • They all are FAKE ! When you’ll open the download link of that tool it will take you to the download page and for the download that file it will ask you for the survey and that survey will be endless
  • So don’t waste your time to complete these surveys because you’ll never get the file because there is not any tool for hacking Octro teen patti !

 3. Use Freedom app and Hack Octro Teen Patti :

  • Yesterday I’ve seen a video on YouTube. It’s a FAKE video which showing that one can buy free chips from Octro for FREE using Freedom app !
  • I tried it ! and i am fooled 😀
  • When i install freedom app and run teen patti and bought chips from octro it saw that Payment Successful BUT after a second it shows a popup “There is a problem processing your receipt'”. It means you can not get chips !
  • So please don’t try the Freedom app for hacking Teen Patti chips its a waste of a time !


Form above three methods it is very clear that there is no method available to Hack TEEN PATTI however many people are selling chips you can buy chips from them but that will cost you money. and if you are smart enough you will not waste your money in games



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