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FIR is First Information Report which is filed in a police station when there is some situation which has been occurred. The situation may be as the theft at your home place or workplace or else if someone is black mailing you or demanding money from you or if any person is harassing you, etc. then you need to file a case in police station than you need to file a FIR.

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            It’s basically a complaint document that sets the provisions for criminal law in motion. There are two types of offences- Cognizable and non-cognizable offence. The FIR is filed for cognizable offences only.

Cognizable offence means the police can register the FIR directly and start the investigation and they can even arrest the accused without warrant. Rape, murder, kidnapping, theft etc. fall in this category. In a Non cognizable offence, the police will require an order from court to register a case or investigate. The accused cannot be arrested without warrant. Non- cognizable offence include physical assault, forgery, simple cheating, making a public nuisance of one self.

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Left side is the image of FIR how it looks:-

Fir report
Fir report

So below steps are to be followed while lodging a FIR: –

  1. It must be filed immediately. If there is a delay then mention in the form.
  2. There should be 4 copies recorded with carbon sheets between pages so that we can have a copy of it as a proof.
  3. If given orally, it must be taken in written and must be explained to the officer incharge at the police station within the jurisdiction of which the offence has taken place.
  4. Make sure that the official’s attitude toward you is sympathetic and your’s towards him/her is respectful.
  5. Avoid complicated or unnecessary details to be given.
  6.  Don’t overwrite.
  7. Ensure that the arrival/departure time is recorded in the daily dairy register at the police station.
  8. Your FIR must contain answer of below questions:
    1. What information you are trying to convey?
    2. In what capacity you are trying to provide the information?
    3. Who has committed the crime? (preparatory of crime)
    4. Who has the crime been committed against?
    5. Who is the victim?
    6. When has the crime been committed?
    7. Where was it been committed?(specific place with area and locality)
    8. Why do you think the crime was committed?
    9. What was the actual process of the crime been committed?
    10. What are the traces or marks of the crime?
    11. Is there any witness who observed the crime?
    12. What were the losses and how it was affected?
    13. After completing the above whole document you must read the whole document once again carefully and then sign it.
    14.  It must be recorded by the officer in the book which is maintained for this purpose by the state government.
    15. You have the right to get a copy of the records. You don’t have to pay for it.
    16. You are not required by law to give an affidavit.

Department: Police Station.

Contact person; Police helpline 100.

Location: any local police station within your jurisdiction on the map.

Helpline number: 100.

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