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Let’s met Social Media

Social media has become part of our daily life due to some professional and personal relationship. Now all are developing their business through social media. One can have very big advantages of social media through which they can not only develop their business but also can escalation it. It not ...

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How to control air pollution ?

Pollution is present substance in the atmosphere that dangerous for living beings and the air is a part of it. Air is a much essential element for the survival of living beings. Air is a basic need for living beings without it life is not possible. One can live without ...

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Muhammad Ali the legend of boxing

Boxing is a martial art and combat sport between two peoples. Especially Muhammad Ali’s life is very inspirational story of modern times. He was a boxer, a poet and a true symbol for the young generation. “ THE MAN WHO BELIEVES REAL SUCCESS COMES WHEN WE RISE AFTER WE FALL ...

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Bullet Train – Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Bullet Train - Mum to Ahm

Two major cities Mumbai and Ahmedabad will connect by a special superfast train i.e. Bullet train, to solve many problems like huge land and building tunnels for people and cattle, the estimation of the project is about 10,000 Cr INR. This train will be run on an elevated corridor means ...

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