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Hackers steal 4.5million data

4.5 million data of patient of US hospital had been hacked by the hacker from April-June.US hospital operator Community Health system told that around 4.5 million of data including name of patient, birth date, address, social security number etc. But it is good that there was no details of credit card in the database.

The data was collected from the patient who were recommended by the doctors in the hospitals around 5 years. The FBI warned to the hospital on lack of the security but it didn’t took necessary measures.













Community Health is one of the biggest hospital in US having 206 hospitals in 29 states. If data will be misused than it will create a big problem for US.

Sources revealed that he hacker who stealed data were from china but it was not confirmed by any officials.

US appeals people to secure their data and be aware of this hackers.



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