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Gudi Padwa is the New Year of Maharashtrian’s in India. It is celebrated on first day of Hindu calendar in the Hindu month of chaitra. It is on 31st of March this year. This festival is celebrated every year. As India is the country of religion and there are many festivals being celebrated every year and month so Gudi padwa is one of the festival.

How Gudi padwa is celebrated and what’s the procedure you can see in the below figure:


Gudi is hoisted near the house and special puja is kept and delicious foods are prepared. Various dishes such as puranpoli, shrikhand, sweets etc are prepared and served to the devotees. This day is also the first day of chaitri navratri. In south this festival is celebrated as UGADI so you can also speak this as UGADI as it’s the new year of the Karnataka’s people. In Sindhi they say as Cheti chand so it’s their new year so they will also celebrate these festival. So these upcoming Monday people will be celebrating 3 festivals at a time Gudi Padwa, UGADI and Cheti Chand. And even it’s the Starting of Chaitri Navratri so the puja, fast and arti of goddess Amba will be done. The people will do rallies by mass dancing with the dhols, rituals are followed and then the prayers will be done so through these process the New Year will be welcomed.


In Maharashtra there are some mythological tales for these festival as some people think tha the Lord Brahma created the universe and Lord Ram came to Ayodhya after victory over Ravan so they have Gudi outside their home. It’s a sign of victory over evil. In Karnataka, people take an oil bath and then goo to temples. They eat neem and jaggery throughout the day because one should know that in life there may be many disappointments and happiness.

Happy New Year and Happy Gudi padwa to everybody..

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