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Google Play - Newsstand App

Google Play Newsstand app launched

Google has launched the Newsstand app which allows users to access news from magazines, subscriptions and RSS feed directly from your android phone. The application is specifically developed for touch screens and home screens such as notebook. The app combines Google’s current and play magazines into an app for its android users. The app also combines subscriptions from newspapers, magazines and contents from other blogs and subscriptions.

App as a folder

Although the Newsstand App is termed as an app, many will see that it is a folder where different magazines, newspapers, journals and articles can be saved by different applications from the providers of such Information. Newspapers place their information in this app and the app distributes to newspaper subscribers.

Subscription and facilities

Newsstand app combines both paid and Flipboard subscriptions newsreaders content in a card view. Once the user opens the Newsstand app, the app takes you to “Read now” sections that has treading news and treading article from the publications that you follow.

Articles on Google Newsstand are automatically tagged with a a subject “Android” or any other topic. The user can access the article by tapping on the tag. Subscription to tags can be done by taping on the given news or article and appears under “My news”.

Newsstand brings you stories and articles from world’s top newspapers like:

  • Financial times
  • The Australian
  • The New York Times
  • The wall Street Journal

Also from popular journals like;

  • The Economist
  • The new Yorker

and popular blogs like

  • TMZ
  • The Verge

Scott Dougal, the director of the product management for Newsstand says that it is tailored for the personal interest of the User and it will get better each day.

The app allows you to access length articles, images, audio, and video from your mobile phone. These articles can be bookmarked and saved offline to be read offline.



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