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Flood in Nepal provinces causes death of more than 100 people

Nepal is now facing a big problem of flood and landslides in many areas. And it has also affected its neighboring country India as well.

Many parts of Nepal and India are faces problem of flooding every monsoon in which there is heavy rain, landslide in Kathmandu and other Northern part if India.

States like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar in India are facing same problem and hundreds of people died.

Now another problem which will arise is the disease after the flood which will cause problem. Because of the deforestation these places are become more vulnerable to landslides.


Sources revealed that the rescuers are providing food, water, medicine, cloth to the victims. Helicopters are migrating the people from the flood prone areas to safer area. They are giving plastics to make temporary tents for their living and helping the victims in every ways.

There are chances of more dead because of diseases such as cholera, malaria which can spread due to water.

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