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Do you know Kolkata is a quite spectacular for Bollywood? Why ?

Kolkata is considered as India’s intellectual, aesthetic and religious capital. We can also represent Kolkata as a lonely planet because Kolkata is an ideal place to endure the mild and fruity tang of Bengali cuisine. Kolkata not only famous around the world only due to its culture but it is ...

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Do you sleep during daytime ? Is it a good idea ?

Have you been sleeping during day time? Or have you ever felt so much of stress during a busy day? Well, it’s because you might have been actually busy i.e. mentally busy throughout such hectic day. For such situations, what you need is a short and sweet nap during day ...

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Top 10 best college to study in Rajkot

Rajkot is one of the smart city of Gujarat and now it is developing its identity in an educational field also. As all Rajkotians are cunning, notorious, fun lovers etc. that much they are capable of shining them self in front of all through education. Education not only gives one’s ...

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