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‘F’ Plan of Management Guru

Peter .F. Drucker is an Austria-born American writer, philosopher, consultant whose writings led to the philosophical and practical foundations of business corporation. He was also the leader in development of management education and also invented the concept of “management by objectives”.


He had written a great book in 1998 named “On the Profession of management”. In this book he wrote certain strategy to make business successful. It’s also known as ‘F’ plan. These ‘F’ plans are:-

1. Future:-

Any decisions or planning you do for your business should be done considering the future consequences. It’s difficult but it is required because for success of a business. Your strategy should be in such a way that you can handle all the future consequences that could possibly occur.

2. Filter:-

One Idea can change the life! Any business’s success is also based on these idea. If you have some innovative ideas and how you use them in your business so as to deal with them and bring change so that it could bring success to your business. So it requires filtering of ideas.

3. Frame:-

If you have any project, you should frame that based on time or your schedule. Framing gives you the importance of time in life as well as business. It leads you towards achievement of success.

4. Focus:-

Focus on just one point which you require for your business to be success. If you are having many plans than any of your plans will never complete. So work on such plans which can easily be implemented and success can be achieved through it.

5. Fast:-

Whatever you do or work for do as fast as possible within the deadline or time limit. You should not leave anything for tomorrow and do it just today itself.

6. Faith:-

Keep faith on yourself. Any work you do must be done with full confidence. If you don’t have faith in your work than how others will have. It may create certain problem for your project or in business before certain clients for which you are working for.

These are above 6 ‘F’ plans which are to be used for success of any business. Was it helpful to you? Comment below and give feedback.

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