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Do you know Kolkata is a quite spectacular for Bollywood? Why ?

Kolkata is considered as India’s intellectual, aesthetic and religious capital. We can also represent Kolkata as a lonely planet because Kolkata is an ideal place to endure the mild and fruity tang of Bengali cuisine.

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Kolkata not only famous around the world only due to its culture but it is also eye-clutching for Bollywood. Kolkata became much attractive to all filmmaker because Bollywood has never fallen down in exploring of a culture of Kolkata.  The cultural hub has now become a cultural support for Bollywood films not only for an aesthetic reason but to evolve actor completely in their characters and the story, thus becoming an abstract character in itself. Many movies such as Devdas, Parineeta, Yuva, etc were shooted at Kolkata.

Films like Kahaani  and jagga jasoos of Sujoy Ghosh and Anurag Basu respectively are very popular and exploring the eastern side of a country.


Next set of Ayushmann Khurrana’s is at Kolkata and he stated that “this city will give him much more radical performances”. Like they shot at Bow Barracks, which has a combination of Anglo and Chinese populations.


Actress Vidya Balan stated that “she has always a great experienced in this city” while shooting of Parineeta and  Kahaani. She finds people of Kolkata are more warm and welcoming.

Films like Piku and Kahaani of Amod Mehra had an excellent performance in a box office. Not only by this reason Kolkata is attractive to filmmaker but “There was a film called Calcutta Mail. It was a super disaster. But art cinema based in Bengal has done reasonably well,” he said and further he added that “Whether they are shot in Bihar, UP or in West Bengal – it doesn’t make any difference. If it doesn’t suit the role or the story, nobody will go to shoot a movie to a particular place just because some movies have done well.”



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