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A lot of Folks in India are crazy when they hear or see the United States while watching a movie and while listening to some music videos . People wonder when they will get a change to go the US, and see the life over there. Find out How Tall is the Empire State Building ? How many people actually go to a job there ? How do they live their Live’s. Is it Fun ? is it Boring ? Does it is the same as living in India.


Hello, there Readers  this article is going to Discuss a few points that actually matter when you talk about Lifestyle in America.


Most Families in US : There are many things to say about Family. Most of the Parents are Employed and leave their children at foster care or daycare facility as both parents are employed. A large number of families consist of a single parent as a result of divorce or being unwed. When it comes to the children they leave their homes once they get out of high school and start living their individual lifes. Everyone lives there seperate lives they only come together for reunions, thanksgiving, festivals ,chritsmas etc.

It’s very common for a kid to have step-father’s and her mother having a different husband than his own father.


Most Families in India: In Many Families in India the female do not go to work , there work is to take care of the House . Most of the Families are Huge with 3-4  to4-6 children(Recently Divided Families are increasing in India.Most of the Children even after getting married live with their Families only.

Most Worklife in US: People only work 5 days a week in Americas.The remaining two days are considered as weekends and can be considered as holidays. People hangout watch football matches , go swimming ,dancing , learn music .etc during weekends.They don’t do any work related to their jobs on weekends. However, there can be cases like some emergency situations, only then they do their work on weekends.


Most Worklife in India:  Mostly People in india work 6 days . For the First 4 days i.e from Monday-Friday People may work 8 hours-10 hours. Some People even work 12 Hours. Saturday is a half day i.e people work only half the hours during Saturdays. Sunday is the only Holiday People get in the Week. Work life in US depends on the Job a person has. MNC Worklife in India is almost similar to that in the US. There are some cases where people also have job on a sunday. For example: People working in CallCenters ,BPO’s etc.


Most Social Life in US:  Many People in the US are very Socialized . If you want to have an appointment with someone you have to first call that person and get a time and date for that. People don’t just visit someone’s place Casually. Even if they do they inform them before coming and usually people come bearing Gifts when visiting someone.


Most Social Life in India: Well People here are very restricted themselves to their Communities. Lot of People live in their whole life with their community people , even their workplace their colonies and also there spouses are to be of the same religion or Community. Though People do join hands during crisis and help each other in the times of need.

Most Retirement Life in India: A lot of people have doubts about where they want to spend their retirement . One of my Mentor Professor’s from Mulund(a town in Mumbai) once told me he would like to back a house in his native place and spent his retirement life in the outskirts of his village and surrounded by nature’s bounty as if you want peace and no pollution in india, I think life in villages is what you want.

Most Retirement LIfe in US: A lot of People think Retiring Early is a better option as you get to do a lot of time to travel , find a place where you want to settle when you retire. Retirement life in US is expensive , as medical costs are high, the lifestyle there is Costly , Insurance premium won’t last long as the Cost’s are High , but the Quality of services that you get are remarkable. There is no pollution in city’s and townships unlike most places in india . And you can easily find a lot of places worth spending your Retirement life. That’s Why People Who really Have made enough money for themselves think about retiring in the US.

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