Current Trends going around World.


Below are the current trends going around the world now-a-days.

Earthquake strikes in Iran injuring 250 people

An earthquake struck early morning with the magnitude of 6.1 rector scale at 7:02 am in Iran in the province of Ilam. Read More >>


 Flood in Nepal provinces causes death of more than 100 people

Nepal is now facing a big problem of flood and landslides in many areas. And it has also affected its neighboring country India as well. Read More >>


People protesting against Sharif in Pakistan

Nearly thousands of people protesting in Islamabad against PM Sharif to step down the post as he has been charged for the fraud of vote in last year’s election.. Read More >>


Hackers steal 4.5million data

4.5 million data of patient of US hospital had been hacked by the hacker from April-June. Read More >>


Singham returns breaks BO

Ajay Devgan breaks the BO market. Read More>>


Ebola virus – spreading all over the world.

Ebola virus is spreading all over the world. It is a disease which is hard to recover. Read More>>


Celebration of Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the festival which is celebrated by the people of India every year. This day is celebrated as Read More>>

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