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The most popular birthday cake in India or out of country amongst kids is Black forest cake. This cake is incredibly awesome and it is not so difficult to make at home. On this year be a super mom and make this black forest cake at home for your kid. ...

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Mobile: Huawei Honor6 Review


After reading up for month about Honor 6 and using it I am writing down the review of first-hand piece. All of the websites have covered the points which I am going to list down but there are some which need to be undertaken which are highlighted in bold. 1. ...

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Use of Technology to stop Corruption


Technology is increasing at a very high speed. We hear every day about the innovations of new technologies and inventions of new things which are helpful to everybody and which are also efficient. Corruption is also rising at a high speed in various country and it is the problem of ...

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Amazing Facts to blow your Mind


Here are some amazing facts which will be helpful to know about the inventions or innovations of products. These facts also gives you knowledge about species of animals, birds etc. or some interesting facts which you don’t know. Have a look at these facts: 1. Rabbit and parrot can see ...

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Top 10 Innovations of 2014

Top 10 inventions

Year 2014 has come to an end and 2015 will begin. Throughout the year there were many inventions being done by the various scientists and other peoples. Various technologies were being invented which made the tasks of the people easy with minimum energy usage and less manpower. Some inventions were ...

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