7 tricks for waking up earlier

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There are two kinds of people everywhere- a morning person and a night person. If you fall in the latter category, you must be having a hard time with your parents and relatives and teachers and basically everyone who wants to make your life hell by wanting to convert you into a morning person. 

I used to feel exactly the same until I went ahead and studied How being a morning person can actually make you more successful in life and give better results (After all,  money is the only thing everyone is interested in these days!). But it was only recently that I experimented and found out how exactly to bring this drastic change in your life and get used to it.

Here are some tricks that might be helpful in transforming yourself into a morning person without much sulking.

1. Always press snooze

Do not cancel your alarm once it goes off if you know you’re not properly up yet. Go for the snooze button every time until you’ve reached the sitting position.

2. Play loud music

Playing at least 2 of your favourite tracks on loud volume will not only keep your eyes wide open, but also pump up your mood. DO NOT listen to soft music. You can put on your headphones and listen if you don’t want to disturb others at your home.

3. Get freshened up

Splash water on your face- this trick worked well during exams to keep you from falling asleep and will always work.

4. Ready to cook

Avoid skipping the first meal of the day and always try to make your breakfast. And being a foodie will only make this task easier for you.

5. No late nights

Even though late night movie sessions are a lot of fun, you got to avoid them. Save them for the weekend instead and enjoy them without feeling guilty the next day.

6. Early to bed

Early to bed, early to rise! Make sure you get sufficient hours of sleep so that you don’t wake up all grumpy.

7. Master this “art”

Do not stop these activities and do them repeatedly till you have mastered it and have converted into a morning person. Go ahead and brag about your achievement on the social networks. And …don’t forget to take an #EarlyMorningSelfie 😉

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