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Have you ever faced a situation where you sent out your resume for an intern-ship/job but never got a reply? What do you think the reason might be? There could be many reasons and one of them could be that your resume wasn’t impressive enough. By including the following in your resume you might be able ensure that it gets noticed and you are able to grab every opportunity that comes your way.

1. Contact Information

The first and foremost item should be your contact information. This format is the most preferable one as the contact details are easily accessible and the reader doesn’t have to search through the pages.

2. Skills (and not just your qualification)

Always specify the skills that you have along with your qualifications. Like, stating the programming languages that you are a master at and not just your graduation degree and scores.

3. Experience

Even though to-the-point resumes are preferred, the experience section should be more of a tell-a-tale kind. For a fresher it is recommended that they write about their experience in various college activities and/or intern-ships.

4. Accomplishments

While writing about your experiences, don’t forget to mention what all you accomplished in a particular company and in what time period. The employers are more interested in knowing what kind of results are you capable of producing.

5. Use of keywords

Most HR managers only look for keywords that describe the skills that they are looking for. Like, for a job in the finance sector keywords like Financial Strategizing, Credit / Debt Management etc can be used. But don’t forget to describe those key points.

6. Powerful content

Ensure that your resume focuses only on your achievements and highlights your skills effectively. Assume yourself to be a product on sale and your resume as the product catalogue which will help the buyer make his/her final decision.

7. Properly drafted content

The resume should be formatted properly and consistently. Write everything in bullet points. Avoid making spelling mistakes. Mention your qualifications and/or previous jobs in a tabular format as shown below so that it becomes easier for you to update your resume in future.


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