10 Best iPad Apps of 2013

ipad apps

The technically sound age of today has proved to be a hallmark for advancement in iPad technology. The third and fourth generations of iPads are introduced in 2013, hence, have made this year a giant in the history of tablet device industry. The installment of splendid apps in latest iPads to make them more potent and attractive has set the cornerstone for increased demand in market. High quality universal apps are significantly recommended to make your iPad or iPhone more substantive for their use. The list of best and most trendy apps loaded in latest iPads in this year are given as under:

ipad apps

  1. iBooks:

Now you are offered to have your digital reading collection in your iPad. iBooks assures you to give a wide range of books in the form of iBookstore, constructed with high quality interface, cross-device bookmarking system, and numerous display tendencies. It presents to be a lavish digital magazine library. This app is highly appreciated by bookish individuals.

  1. Comics:

For comic lovers, this app in iPad is a great relief to get rid of frequent zooming in and zooming out as in iPhones. The high resolution screen of iPad makes a large display of comics and enhances the taste of its description. This app is mostly loaded by the comic book fans in their iPads.

  1. Facebook:

Universal Facebook app on iPad has polished the features of this social media networking several times. The users who are accustomed to use this app on iPad never want to switch on PC and other digital mode of this social website. This app also displays some unique tools specifically on iPad.

  1. Movies:

Movies by Flixter” is a special app designed for movie lovers. It makes a link between your local cinema and your availability to catch your favorite movie show. The extra resolution features on large screen increase the sensation of this app on iPad.

  1. BBC News:

Now BBC top stories with more refined visual parameters are provided to you via this app. You can adjust the orientation of the shared news as well as your preference of stories by this universal app. The downloading of videos from selected category can be more easily processed by this app.

  1. Wikipanion:

Wikipanion is a remarkable app on iPad that has transformed the clumsy trend of Wikipedia with a sleek pattern and landscape view having two planes. It has made the research on this website more friendly and appealing via this app. The extended screen of iPad gives this research engine more fluent look to study.

  1. Epicurious:

This app is highly specified by those who love cooking. You may find thousands of recipes for any type of meal on your iPad. It has simplified the ingredient listing for your favorite dishes. It can be estimated the trend of certain recipes in certain regions of world if you are dealing with culinary objectives.

  1. Google Earth:

This app has a full fun in it. You can feel a soaring tour around this planet earth by simply touching the screen on your iPad. Though this app lacks some of the displays on your desktop, it is loaded to enjoy the soft touch in your iPad.

  1. WordPress:

If you are a blogger, “WordPress universal” is highly demanded app on your device. It makes the navigation of your blog more comfortable by commenting and characterizing your posts. This direction on your blog can be defined without the processing of HTML. Though this app is unwieldy in its nature, it assures a quick access on WordPress.

  1. Facetune:

This app makes your bumpy picture more accurate and appealing. Facetune is an app that adds perfection in your beauty. You can see yourself as beautiful as you want to see by editing your photos through this app.

These apps are taken as best apps in the year of 2013 as these are highly demanded and downloaded on iPads. Many of these apps are freely accessed in online market. There is a wide range of apps available to be loaded on your iPad according to your taste.

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